What is Recency Bias? 2000 1600 Wi-Ai.net

What is Recency Bias?

If you are a Financial Adviser, perhaps the following scenario resonates with you. You are a Financial Adviser in the…

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Common Frustrations of a Financial Adviser 800 2000 Wi-Ai.net

Common Frustrations of a Financial Adviser

Picture this You are a Financial Adviser meeting with your client to provide them with a financial recommendation. Inevitably, these…

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Financial Literacy 1199 799 Wi-Ai.net

Financial Literacy

According to recent research the UK lags behind other comparable countries when it comes to financial literacy, ranking 15th out…

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Calling all advisers! 800 600 Wi-Ai.net

Calling all advisers!

Calling all Financial Advisers! What if we told you that you can easily access a software tool that allows you…

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Knowledge is power! 1080 1080 Wi-Ai.net

Knowledge is power!

Knowledge is power! Before making any decisions in life, having as much knowledge and information to hand as is reasonably…

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Providing a better level of service to your clients 1920 1281 Wi-Ai.net

Providing a better level of service to your clients

At the end of 2021 the FCA carried out a consultation that took on board feedback and engagement with industry…

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Head or heart? 1920 1920 Wi-Ai.net

Head or heart?

Recency bias is a cognitive bias. It’s when a person has a tendency to overemphasize the importance of recent events…

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Getting the facts! 1920 855 Wi-Ai.net

Getting the facts!

As a Financial Advisor you are required to obtain details of your client’s financial position and “soft facts” (e.g. about…

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Start them young 1200 801 Wi-Ai.net

Start them young

Teaching money management – start them young. Unfortunately, basic money management skills are still not widely taught to children in…

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Alex and Zoe 1200 1200 Wi-Ai.net

Alex and Zoe

Don’t forget that our Alex and Zoe series is now live on YouTube! Follow Alex and Zoe, managers in a…

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Decision fatigue 1920 1279 Wi-Ai.net

Decision fatigue

Have you ever experienced this? A person with decision fatigue may experience anything from brain fog, tiredness to irritability. When…

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Does it pay to be optimistic? 1920 1280 Wi-Ai.net

Does it pay to be optimistic?

When it comes to decision-making, Optimism Bias can play a huge part. Yet having a tendency towards this bias doesn’t…

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See only what we want to see 1080 1080 Wi-Ai.net

See only what we want to see

When it comes to making decisions, our brains can sometimes “see only what we want to see”. People regularly take…

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What is Optimism Bias? 1200 926 Wi-Ai.net

What is Optimism Bias?

What is Optimism Bias and how does it affect people when they have to make decisions about their finances? Optimism…

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Cognitive bias and decision making 1920 1279 Wi-Ai.net

Cognitive bias and decision making

Cognitive bias is what happens when our thinking is skewed or driven by our own subjective reality, rather than objective…

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