For Individuals, Advisory Businesses and Enterprise

Wi-Ai behavioural bias profilers

Wi-Ai behavioural bias profilers help businesses to build better relationships with their clients via supporting them in making better decisions.

They can also be purchased by individuals for their own use in exploring their patterns of decision making. 


For Individuals

Banish decision making blues. Access the power of our algorithms to gain unique insights into your strengths and weaknesses as a decision maker.

For Advisory Businesses

Work with clients to combat self- sabotaging decisions. Attract and retain valuable clients by supporting them in understanding and harnessing their own strengths and weaknesses as decision makers.

For Enterprise

Blaze your own trail. Work with us to build bespoke tools to carve out your own niche in customer relations.

How does it work?

Designed by us in conjunction with a Chartered Psychologist, our profilers work like this:

Users answer enjoyable questions about everyday situations

Our software calculates their Profile via our algorithms

Users get a short report onscreen about each bias they explored

They receive a longer downloadable report, which makes suggestions for improving decision making based on the results for all the biases

Results at your fingertips

Completed Profilers and Reports are stored in the User’s personalised client portal for ready retrieval and easy access to other products

Our systems for advisory businesses and larger enterprise clients offer advanced functionality for client invitation and communications and attractive and easy to use portals for your clients and teams to access invitations and results.

Easy to access – you can buy our profilers in two ways:



Our premium Bias Profiler comprising a questionnaire and onscreen feedback on four crucial biases and a detailed downloadable report can be bought online as a standalone item or in bundles suitable for small and medium sized advisory businesses. The Profiler covers:

  • Recency Bias
  • Loss Aversion
  • Anchoring Bias
  • Optimism Bias



To create a bespoke solution for your business- please contact us via [email protected]

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