Decision fatigue

Decision fatigue

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Have you ever experienced this?

A person with decision fatigue may experience anything from brain fog, tiredness to irritability.

When you experience decision fatigue your brain is feeling overloaded and under pressure. It will look for an easy way out. This may lead to putting off making important decisions, making rash choices or just ‘burying your head in the sand’ over a pressing issue.

Given everything that has happened during the pandemic many of us will have experienced this. And when it comes to important decisions such as our finances, it can cause potential issues.

Decision fatigue also affects our ability to self-regulate and to see things how they really are. This can also tie in heavily with any decision biases you may be susceptible to. This combination of factors may sabotage any decisions that are made.

Wi-Ai provides bespoke behavioural bias software which provides clients of financial services and other businesses with insights into a range of biases of which they are typically completely unaware.

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