Financial Literacy

Financial Literacy

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According to recent research the UK lags behind other comparable countries when it comes to financial literacy, ranking 15th out of 30 countries studied. This lack of financial literacy is likely to undermine people’s confidence when they are faced with making decisions about their finances.

As a financial adviser you may have encountered this when meeting some of your clients. For example:

  • They feel a lack of confidence about their financial decision making.
  • They may not share all relevant information with their adviser about their current situation, goals or objectives.
  • They may be basing their needs or objectives on seemingly irrelevant criteria or past experiences.

How can you help build trust and reassurance with your clients?

How can you pinpoint the key drivers that influence their decisions?

Our bespoke software allows them – and you- to tap into their thought processes and influences, by asking your client to answer a series of simple and engaging questions via our online tool. This then allows our software to produce an informative, non-judgmental personalised Report analysing their proneness to four key behavioural biases, that you and your client can discuss together.

To find out more about how this could help your business and clients, contact us at [email protected]

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