Start them young

Start them young

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Teaching money management – start them young.

Unfortunately, basic money management skills are still not widely taught to children in schools.

Despite this being such a key aspect of adult life, many people leave school or college/university without the basic skills to manage their finances responsibly.

As a financial services professional you may encounter this with your clients.

It’s not always easy to identify these traits, which range from lack of basic financial education on topics from budgeting to tax to self-sabotaging behaviour driven by unconscious behavioural biases.

Great financial advisers make a point of providing their clients with advice and guidance which can go a long way to make up for lack of factual education on finances. However, tackling unconscious bias is a big ask given the other demands on your time and expertise.

Wi Ai’s bespoke software is designed to help your clients identify their own behavioural biases and provide you with a new way of supporting your clients to make more conscious financial decisions.

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