Wi-Ai and Suspicion

Wi-Ai and Suspicion

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Wi-Ai and Suspicion

If you work in the financial services industry, you know that what you say may be received with scepticism and even with suspicion.

That feels very uncomfortable for most of us.

If we have done something wrong, that suspicion is richly deserved, along with the full legal consequences of our actions.

But it is deeply frustrating when we know that our advice, data or analysis is accurate and useful, but the customer cannot hear it, because they’ve lost trust in our industry.

However scrupulous our own behaviour has been, often over many years of a customer relationship, we are still reaping the whirlwind of greedy and even shady behaviour by others, past and present.

This is a constant backdrop. But the way people receive data about their investments is also influenced by the irrational behavioural biases we all experience. Helping clients to understand their biases can move a conversation from the grip of the “Why should I trust you?” thought that lurks unspoken in the back of your customer’s mind to allowing them to take ownership of how they respond to new information from you.

By helping customers to understand and take ownership of their biases, Wi-Ai tools help large financial services providers to achieve more harmonious and profitable business relationships for you and your customers.

To discuss explore whether Wi-Ai can help you and your customers master Behavioural Bias, contact us at [email protected]

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