Wi-Ai and Persistency

Wi-Ai and Persistency

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Wi-Ai, Frustration and Persistency

If you are a director or senior manager of a financial services business, such as a platform, provider or robo-adviser, you well know the sheer frustration of watching clients for whom your service is ideal encashing their investments at points which seem illogical and self-damaging, given the actual position/performance of the product.

Users of both conventional financial services products and robo-advice systems are particularly vulnerable to hasty and self-damaging behaviour at the annual statement or review stage. This is especially true if they receive unwelcome news, such as a drop in portfolio valuation.

Those who are not advised by an IFA or other face-to-face adviser may be receiving unwelcome information alone and without the benefit someone present to help them. Client responses may include “over-reacting” to the most recent piece of data they’ve received, without considering the wider picture.

The design of the initial advice and of reviews and statements can be compliantly de-risked for both parties by incorporating assessment of the user’s biases using Wi-Ai’s innovative behavioural finance tools.

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