Wi-Ai and the Over-Enthusiastic

Wi-Ai and the Over-Enthusiastic

Wi-Ai and the Over-Enthusiastic 2000 1328 Wi-Ai.net

Without wishing to sound like the leader of the Cynic Squad, there really can be such a thing as too much enthusiasm.

If you’re a director or senior manager of a financial services provider, platform or robo-advice business, you may have found this out the hard way.

I think we all have. When we believe in our products, we are eager to tell our clients just how great they are.

We turn ourselves inside out extolling the virtues of our service. And yet clients still choose inferior products over superior ones. Or, worse still, they encash a product that actually meets their needs, and they turn to one that doesn’t.

The problem with telling clients how wonderful our products are is that the conversation becomes all about us. We risk turning into the terrible date who constantly talks about themselves and shows zero interest in their companion.

No matter how impressive your product is, customers want to feel heard and understood. This is especially true when it comes to emotionally-charged subjects like personal finances.

Wi-Ai tools are therefore especially designed to place your clients at the centre of every conversation, so they can feel safe and seen when evaluating your products.

Want to know more about what Wi-Ai can do for you and your customers? Get in at [email protected].

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