Solutions and Problems

Solutions and Problems

Solutions and Problems 1920 1281

In any profession we encounter and solve problems. It’s just part of every day life.

What’s even better is finding solutions and tools to help identify some of those potential concerns or issues before they actually become a problem.

Let’s talk more specifically about helping your financial services customers or clients make the right decisions for them when it comes to their finances.

If you can “head off the issue” of self sabotaging decisions made through behavioural biases BEFORE this becomes a problem, then you are already on track to provide the best possible advice and guidance for your customer.

For example, if a client has had a bad experience in the past with their investments or if other (often non-investment related) factors predispose them to Loss Aversion Bias, this may make them more loss averse going forward. However, being overly loss averse could also restrict their potential investment performance outcomes.

With our tailored software we can help your clients to identify biases such as Loss Aversion and to make conscious decisions about the extent to which they wish to accept or challenge that predisposition. This fosters better client engagement and decision making, leaving you to focus on presenting solutions and portfolios that offer the potential outcomes that are right for your client.

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