Wi-Ai and Frustration

Wi-Ai and Frustration

Wi-Ai and Frustration 2000 1333 Wi-Ai.net

Frustration, frustration, frustration.

This isn’t Phil and Kirstie’s new pandemic era reality TV show (though if you’re reading, Kirstie and Phil, perhaps it’s worth a pitch?), but rather the reality for customers and financial professionals alike when clients lose trust in their financial services providers.

For customers, distrust can lead to self-sabotaging behaviour such as abandoning sensible, pre-agreed strategies based on sound analysis and advice. For financial services providers, it can result in dissatisfied customers and, ultimately, poor client retention.

If you’re a director or senior manager of a financial services business, maintaining customer trust can sometimes feel like an uphill struggle. No matter how ethically we treat our customers, we work in an industry which has a well-documented history of deceiving people. When money is at stake, client suspicion is only natural.

The issue is, amongst all the factual information that (rightly) needs to be sent to customers, it’s difficult and costly to find time to establish rapport with clients and ensure trusting, profitable relationships are preserved.

Wi-Ai tools are a cost-effective way for your customers to interact with and feel heard by your business. By enabling them to understand and take ownership of biases which may lead to suspicion, Wi-Ai products help financial services providers and clients maintain harmonious, fruitful relationships.

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