The Influential Mind

The Influential Mind

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As a financial services professional,  perhaps you have been in a situation where, despite a clear presentation of all the facts, it seems that you just can’t get your message across.

While it is vital that recommendations are made on the basis of verifiable facts and analysis which can be substantiated, sometimes this approach isn’t easy for clients to take on board.

Leading neuroscientist Dr Tali Sharot says presenting solely facts and figures is actually incompatible with how the brain works.

She explains that the brain receives information differently depending on factors such as how we relate to the other person and whether what we are saying confirms what they already believe or want to hear.

When trying to influence others she suggests that the best first step is find common ground.

Click on the link below to read this fascinating article about how Dr Sharot explains significant elements that govern how we humans process new information, based on her new book “The Influential Mind”.

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