See only what we want to see

See only what we want to see

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When it comes to making decisions, our brains can sometimes “see only what we want to see”.

People regularly take shortcuts when it comes to their thinking or thought processes. If we carefully considered everything we did every day from how to dress in the morning or what we are going to eat, we would soon be totally exhausted from all the thought processes that that involves. So we tend to perform everyday tasks without giving them too much thought.

However, these shortcuts can lead to habits. Additionally, our minds create short cuts in our thinking, such as over-reliance on the most recent data they’ve received (Recency Bias) or fixating on a particular data point (Anchoring Bias).

So how do we overcome this?

  • Firstly recognise habits and biases: until you acknowledge and identify them you cannot overcome them.
  • Secondly, try to avoid snap decisions on important matters. Making a snap decision about something will often be influenced by an unconscious bias. Take the time to really think things through first.

At Wi-Ai we have worked hard to create a software based solution that will help aid this process and identify key biases that you may not be able to identify yourself. For more information about this please contact us at [email protected]


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